Create a revolutionary
new food product.

Creating a revolutionary new food product is a complex process
that involves a combination of creativity, innovation, and
technical expertise.

Our product

Our product

We are committed to providing you with the assistance required to enhance
the tastes of your most beloved dishes or invent experimental
flavors for novel ones.

At Crossroads some of our most recognizable products: Sausage Seasonings, Steak Seasonings, Curing Mixes, Rubs.

Our most recognizable products: Cheddar Cheese Blends, Butter Blends, Cream Blends, Parmesan Blends.

Some of our most recognizable products: Sriracha Blend, Jalapeno Ranch Blend, BBQ Blends, Sour Cream & Onion Blend, Parmesan & Garlic Blend.

Some of our most well-known offerings include Rosemary Garlic Mix, Dough and Batter Mixes, Low Sodium Bread Mixes, and the Everything Bagel Mix.

Some of our best-known items: Hot Sauce, Honey Mustard, Sour Cream, Italian Dressing, Thai Ginger Sauce.

‚ÄčThe products we are best known for include: Sazon Seasoning, Curry Blends, Adobo Blends, Flavored Salt and Sugar Blends, Masala Blends, and Spice Blends.

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